Happy New Year and a lot of nice moments in 2019!

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Xmas market Emden and our Oban

Till 24th of december we are there: at the Xmas market in Emden just in the centre off the city Emden.
Welcome onboard for a drink or two and some nice stories about our voyages. Perhaps you book one yourself!
We are at “am Delft”. Welcome!

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New fotobook Sail Oban ready

fotobook life onboard Oban

Our new fotobook is ready. The pictures speak for themselve, but every picture has a story I would love to tell you.. Welcome onboard!

https://www.albelli.nl/onlinefotoboek-bekijken/2054c0aa-59f5-4ceb-8470-3c323c66c67d (fit in by yourself please)

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Sailing Program 2019; Cabin charter

All voyages are inclusive good breakfast, lunch, dinner and betweens, all coffee and tee, dobble cabins,  Sailtraining, harbourmoney, touristsfee.

     1. Long May weekend to the Danisch islands.  28.April -1. Mai :  

             A Friday night 26.April 20.00 hour till  1. Mai 10.00 hour from/ to Kiel/Kiel. Departure Saterdaymorning 27. April

            B: Wendsday  1e mei 18.00 uur till  5. Mai 16.00 uur vanaf Kiel/Kiel. Prijs 300€+ 160 € Boordkas

       2. Bike- and sailingtour Dänisch Islands from Kiel 28 Mai-3.June 699€ 

       3. Bike- and sailingtour Dänisch Islands from Kiel  3.Juni-10.Juni 799€ 

       4. Bike- and sailingtour Dänisch Islands from Kiel 10.Juni-17.Juni 799 

      5. Beautiful week in the Stockholmer archipel: 20-26 Juli.  829€

      6. Twelve days sailing from Stockholm to Rostock: Oland, Bornholm…..  27 juli in Stockholm till 7 . augustus Hanse Sail Rostock. Also Nightsailing   1450€

       7.  Week sailing around Fünen the big Dänisch island. A lot of miles. 24 till 30 augustus.  820 €

      8 Extra lon ende of the summer weekend:  wendsday evening 11 till sundag 15 sept. 495€

See for more Information German, Dutch website, Facebook Tall ship Oban or mail Jolan; info@sailoban.com






Visiting Aeroskobing Danmark


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We had a great time on Oban last week. Thank you.

We had a great time on Oban last week. Thank you. My trust pilot review is below…

Lots of fun on the boat and interesting cycling, not too difficult. Friendly and very helpful crew. Well maintained boat, with clean and compact accommodation and nice food. 50/50 mix of sailing and biking determined by the prevailing winds. Danish locations and bike trips nice and quiet, German places more to see. Nice mix of European travellers with 2 from UK and 2 from Canada. Good cooperation when we had to share tasks. No deck chairs, it wasn’t that type of holiday! I would do it again, especially in the week preceding Kiel (sailing) Week, which was just starting.

Mike and Gil

Fahhradreise Ostsee

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We reached Ipswich as 5th schip!

Oban in Ipswich

Race of the Classics in Ipswich. It was a good track to tack; and we did it well! Find us…

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Our Team Oban Race of the Classics 2018


We have been sailing with Bart, Imke, Jolan and Olaf and have reached Ipswich as 5th ship from 20!


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Back in Kampen 2018 again


After a windy track from Emden, Germany, over the North Sea we are back in our home harbour Kampen again.

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We wish you all the best in 2018 from Oban

kerst 2017

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Best Wishes for 2018

Best Wishes Oban

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Bicicle en Sailingtours were great!

gruppenreise verbinden bicecling in the Baltic; all the way from NS Essen an Bord Oban lecker Fahhradreise Ostsee

bicecling in the Baltic; all the way from NS

gruppenreise verbinden

Essen an Bord Oban lecker


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Happy sailing with sailoban

happy sailing sail oban

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Back in our winterharbour again.

Our Oban stays in our homeharbour Kampen during the winter. Here we work to keep her in good shape. A lot of restauration, painting has to be done each year.


Kompas Oban

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Sailingtours in the Baltic to book alone or with more

Sailing in the Baltic

Alle Reise sind inklusive leckeres Frühstuck, Mittag-Abendessen, alle Kaffee &Tee, Zweierkabine mit Deckbetten, Sailtraining, Hafengebühr.

1. Frühlingsreise Holland ab Amsterdam: 10-17 April 695€ inkl.
2. Frühlingswochenende Insel Terschelling 22/24 April              Voll
ab Harlingen 235 €
3. In den Mai rein Tanzen: 29.April-1. Mai Kiel/Kiel 245€ inkl.
4. Pfingsten Ostsee ab Kiel 360€ inkl.               Nog 2 Plätze
5. Fahrrad & Segeln Dänische Südsee28 Mai-4.Juni
799€ inkl.Zweierkabine
6. Fahrrad & Segeln Dänische Südsee 4.Juni-11.Juni 799€ inkl.Zweierkabine
7. Fahrrad & Segeln Dänische Südsee 11.Juni-18.Juni             Voll
8. Herrliche Zehn Tage Sommerreise von Kiel, Kopenhagen, Rostock.
Zur Hanse Sail. 1.-10. August, ab 995€ inkl.
9. Drei Stundenfahrt Hanse Sail Rostock 11. August 39€

10. Nach Sommer langes Wochenende  Mittwochabend 14/18 September 420€ inkl

11. Weitere Reisen können noch folgen: sehe Emailletter.

Melde euch an info@sailoban.com

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Best boat bike tour so far!

Our sailing and biking tour of the Danish Baltic was a wonderful combination of good company, good organisation, good food and good opportunities to explore lovely countryside and villages. All in all – a fantastic week! The skipper of the Oban was mindful of the prevailing winds, and charted a course each day that made cycling a pleasure, regardless of the weather! We are a mature couple, and enjoyed 30-50 kms per day of cycling on picturesque Aero, Lyo and Langeland as well as sightseeing in the ports of Kiel, Marstal, Aeroskobing, Svendbourg and Bagenkop. Would recommend this tour to anyone with a basic level of fitness, an appreciation for the outdoors – sailing, cycling walking – and a sense of adventure! Well done Olaf, Jolan, Imke and Bo – you gave us memories to treasure!!!!
Paul and Shirley King

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