What is included in the fare?


• A sailing trip with the Oban includes all sailing costs and booking fees. Exclusive are port charges, taxes, cleaning. These will be paid at the end of the journey.
• A sailing trip with us is exclusive full Board and drinks. A separate full board contract (a good breakfast, lunch and dinner all freshly prepared and drinks) can be booked. Please ask for the possibilities. It is also possible to do your own cooking.
• In addition, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages can be obtained from the ship’s bar and will be registrated by a bar code. These will be paid for at the end of the journey. The prices are fair. It is not allowed to take your own beer aboard. You may bring your own other drinks aboard. A all-in price is also possible.
• The nights are passed in 2 -, 3 – or 4-person cabins with sink (hot and cold water). All beds are covered with pillow and duvet. Most cabins have a window.
• Guests share three toilets, two showers and one bath, which are regularly cleaned.
• The planning of the route is influenced by wind force, wind direction and tide. The captain decides which route we will be taking. At force 7 or more, or in case of a weather warning the captain reserves the right not to sail.
• Active participation on board is expected within your possibilities, the crew’s instructions are to be followed. The Oban has a certified Sail Training program on board, which can be utilized.
Please inform us about important medical information before booking, to discuss whether there might be a problem to participate. Some guests with a slight limitation will not be a problem, provided that we know this beforehand.
• Traveling costs from your home to the port of departure or arrival is your own responsibility. This is not included in the price.
• On our trips the terms of the professional association BBZ / TCN are applicable. These will be sent to you when you have booked. We can also send them in advance on request.
• The Oban has full hull insurance coverage with a recognized Dutch insurance company. For guests and trainees we have a liability insurance. A travel insurance is not included.
• The Oban is registered in the Netherlands and registered as Special Purpose Ship for Sail training. It is audited annually by the Dutch Shipping Inspection and Register Holland. The crew sails professional.
• In case of insufficient bookings or other unforeseen events, the provider reserves the right to cancel the trip. Fares already paid will be refunded. In this case you will be informed personally before the trip . Further claims are not valid.
If you still have questions after going through this information, you can simply call or email. We will respond as soon as possible.
We would like to welcome you as our guest at the Oban. We will do our best to provide you with an unforgettable experience

Thank you very much for your interest!