Olaf & Jolan = Oban

We are Olaf and Jolan, from Kampen. Already 25 years enthusiastic sailors on the North and Baltic Seas. Olaf started professional sailing as a 17-year old and was 21 when he became skipper on his own ship.

Jolan was already sailing as an independant skipper. Since the birth of their children Bo and Nanouk they sail together. First on the clipper De Verandering and from the year 2000 on the Oban: a fast sailing ship with more space. Until Bo and Nanouk were 7 years old they were always on board the Oban and were given lessons by Jolan. Now they’re going to school ashore they are a part of of the sailing season on board. Meanwhile, son Bo also has his own seaman’s book as a sailor.
An new member of the crew will be Lisa, on the Oban she accomplishes her training as a mate.


… and her guests

Everyone on board is part of the crew. The professional crew consists of two to four people. Under their leadership you can actively help with the activities on board. Sailing experience is not required. You can help, as well as you can, we’ll give instructions and a sailing training (if required) on basis of our sail-training program. During the multi-day tours you’ll have 12 to 23 fellow travelers. Lots of hands on deck making work easier, so you’ll also have time to relax!

For day trips we have a capacity of 50 people.


Olaf & Jolan = Oban

Sailing, eating or having a party: TOGETHERNESS is an important word on board the Oban.

You are welcome with the “Oban Family’’
Read in our logbook what others experienced on board the Oban …